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Monday, September 10, 2007

lesbian sexual pleasure

Yeah I mean I can't get much clearer than that with a post title, can I?

Found this video tonight. I swear, the later I search for things online, the more interesting my finds get. This for instance is eye-opening. I normally wouldn't want anything to do with something that was done by some dudes named "Masters" and "Johnson," but uh...check it:

Have an interesting read by clicking here to see "Masters & Johnson on Homosexuality." Some highlights include:

-"In lesbian lovemaking. which many sex researchers believe can teach heterosexual males a thing or two about how to approach women, committed couples devote an "extraordinary" amount of time to sexual play. For example, stimulation of the breasts, usually begun by heterosexual men within 30 seconds of sexual activity, begins much later among lesbians."


-"Perhaps the most intriguing finding is not about homosexuals, but about heterosexuals. As Masters and Johnson tell it, heterosexuals are generally bumblers in their lovemaking: they hurry sex, misread signals, and communicate poorly. Men usually assume, wrongly, that lubrication of the vagina means that the woman is ready for intercourse."

Preach on...preach on...

There's lots more on that link above. If you've got a girl, go touch her face a lot and look into her eyes...then get all up on her junk and think of me here with my popcorn and my crystal light packets. What I'm sayin is, if you've got some, appreciate that shiz, ya heard? If it's been a while, make today the day to end the lesbian bed death thats creeped up on you. Strawberries and ice cubes are not just for grocery store aisles, alright?

I'll even let you borrow my Maxwell CD...just ask!


Nikki said...

i totally have a crush on you

Kae-Tee said...


She's mine biznitch! =P

lol Arlan you're my hero. Not only are your blogs entertaining and downright hot, but they are enducational too!

You're like Seasme Street for grown ups

Shannon said...

Sesame Street for grown ups I like that and Arlan ROCKS

Princess CoCo Puff said...

Arlan, thank u lady for the true insight on the lesbian is so forking true!!!! I'm bi...and omg that is so true with the male species... they just don't get it and assume EVERYthing WRONG!! Preach on lady. xoxo

JD said...

hmm... i wonder what were you searching when you found this video..
lol, i love your blog! I read it everyday... hmm... a lot! (=

Jessica said...

awww... We must appreciate and love and show it, say it, do it, every day for that one that makes you feel so lucky you could scream!!!
Don't know nothing about lesbian bed death...
Rock on, Arlan. You ARE Sesame Street for Grown Up Lesbians!

Anonymous said...

the music in the background is a bit unnerving

Jesscuh said...

Arlan... man you amaze me with the stuff you have on here! Love it and you, do yo thang!

Anonymous said...

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