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Monday, October 08, 2007

Lesbian broads...abroad.

You non-U.S.'ers sure know how to throw together a romantic vid montage of your youthful lovin'. I'm not gonna bore you with my whining about wanting a girlfriend again. But I want a giiiiirlfrieeend. Someone be my giiiirlfrieeend. :-)

(song by Des'ree)


Áine said...

Oh Arlan I feel your pain. *sadface*
No girl loving girls want a relationship around here, damn.

Rosemary said...

yes yes i too want a girlfriend = (
Where are you out there?

vanilla said...

Hey Arlan, be my girlfriend! Move to Berlin, NOW! ;-)

Anonymous said...

i'm soooo happy right now. I actually have a girlfriend, and I am slowly falling in love with feels way too good.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I feel Arlan your pain too. Girls - Women where are you!!!!????

denise said...

i want a girlfriend now