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Friday, October 12, 2007

Thin Ice. Phat Moves.

You guys all know how I love to perform interpretive dance, right? Well I've secretly always wanted to bring that form of expression to the thin, cold ice. I find the prospect riveting. Much like this British movie...

(Thin Ice 1995)

As if ice skating wasn't gay enough already...

That reminds me. If you are British and hot and between the ages of 23-32, and you wanna get up on me, holler at your girl, alright? You think I'm kidding. Those closest to me know I couldn't be more serious if I tried.

*British sigh*


Anonymous said...

Being a British girl (yep, that's right, I'm British!) I just love how much you seem to adore British women - so sweet! Unfortunately at the age of 21 I fall outside of your requested age bracket, and what's more I'm not even living in England at the moment :( I'm in Germany for a year studying. Anyway, I'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll find your prefect British girl soon - though maybe this quest would be somewhat more successful if you paid the UK a visit? I'm sure it would be more than happy to have you!

Keep up the good work! Lots of (hot, British, lesbian) love x x x

Chiya said...

In skating, there is "competitive" and "test" streams; both people compete but the competitive people are those who could go to junior nationals or nationals (this being if they decided to go away and train somewhere, like crazy.) For the test stream, you can still do competitions--or you can do Star skate, where you have three different programs, and only one of them with jumps (meaning less stress, for me at least).

Anyway the point i was getting to, is that there are not very many guys in skating at all. If you wanted to do pairs or dance, there wouldn't be much chance, except that in starskate they have similar dance. Nobody seems to do it, although a couple girls were seriously considering doing it because they would be the only ones in their category and get to go to nationals. I think that would be fun, if i find someone to skate with.

Maybe when i go away for university.

And where you wrote "as if figure skating isn't gay enough," they say that exact phrase in Blades of Glory. hah that was a funny movie :)

Anonymous said...

1995?! Those outfits looked more like 1985.

There's also something strange about watching clips from a movie edited together with music from another movie. I can't decide if it's weird or cool. Considering the subject matter of the movie the music's from, it seems an odd choice though.

Sarah said...

i just wanted to comment for everyone else to say that she's not kidding. she really does like that. get at her. do it.