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Saturday, November 03, 2007

My New Live Webcam Show!

Yo! If you wanna join us again for the fun, click on the link below and sign up to the site. Then add me as a friend and subscribe to my "show" and whenever I have a new live episode, you'll get an email letting you know to stop by.

If you have a webcam, you can enter the studio and talk to everyone on camera. If you don't have a webcam, you can type in the chatroom and I can answer you live. I'm not sure how often I'll have a show...definitely a few times this week starting out...

This is an example of how an average "episode" has been going down. I think you'll agree that if you are NOT in the chatroom with us, I just look CRAZY like I'm talking to join us, it's been a good time:

See more shows and read the transcripts from them @

1 comment:

malevolent-mimi said...

Wow Im mad at how interesting that was even though i couldnt see what everyone else in the rooma was saying. Never heard of Operator11, im usually always in Stickam....

But ill def check it out sometime.