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Friday, December 07, 2007

One Reader's L3 Experience

The 3rd L Word Convention in the UK took place November 30th-December 2nd in Blackpool. Since most of us weren't able to jet over to the event, Becky has been so kind as to give us her account of what (and who?) went down. See the end of this post to see the new info on L4 that is happening in March 08!


**First impressions**
After travelling hours to the event (my 3 hours were dwarfed when I discovered people came from Kenya and the US!) we discovered on arrival that the rumours we’d heard the day before were true! Laurel Holloman was to attend L3! And Uh Huh Her were to perform that very night! Queue, queue, queue for registration and photos and to pick up our name tag with Erin, Leisha or Kate on it – great opportunity to check out the rest of the guests and also to grab a free lolly pop. I know it’s a strange thing to mention but they were goooooood (the lolly pops). I was pretty shocked at the lack of younger people on the Friday but more showed up on the next two days which was great – such a variety of people from all different ages and backgrounds. Pretty much 99.9% gay ladies though. And so many couples! I was there with my best friend and we both left our girls back home so it was pretty heart wrenching seeing everyone so loved up.

**Uh Huh Her**
First of all – Camilla is extremely talented! She sings the lead and plays bass/keyboard. It was spot on. Leisha, Leisha, Leisha… what can I say? When she sang she was fantastic but she was swaying all over her keyboard! Didn’t make any mistakes that I noticed but was pretty damn fun to watch! Perhaps a bit of alcohol was to blame.

They slowed down for a ballad and Leisha’s talents shone through, but the crowd were slighty over-excited when she looked at Camilla all the way through as if she was singing it to her. A mention has to go to the bloke who played guitar on stage. I spoke to him the day after and he’s such a lovely guy! The set ended with Say So and it was fantastic! Hats off to Uh Huh Her who are still on the look out for a drummer by the way; if you can play they’ll be holding auditions when they get a chance.

Talking of a lack of drummer… they asked an audience member to air drum for them. Someone got up on stage with them and then proceeded to STRIP! I can’t say I blame the girl for making the most of it but after a while it was like… hello – this is LEISHA HAILEY’s thunder you’re stealing! Drum! Fortunately another girl air drummed for them (it’s a vital role in a band) and she was awesome!



Skipped the party on Friday night to be fresh faced for the photos the following day. The first one was with Leisha Hailey. She rocks. Big time. Seriously. I was wearing a The Murmurs t-shirt and when she saw it she was surprised she LOVED it! She was all “wow that’s so old!” and then she told me it was the “funniest thing ever!” and she even told Cam about it at the signings! She was chatting to my friend and I for a long time compared to most other guests and she was so friendly it was so refreshing to see she was so down to earth and chatty and fun! There was a large queue though so we couldn’t stay long, next was Erin Daniels. She was stunning! Her hair was gorgeous, she’s gone blond but it suited her so well! She was less chatty but I think it was because my friend froze on the spot when she saw her, bless!

Said friend went to see Eric Mabius and she had a long conversation with him as his queue was much smaller than Leisha’s had been. She says, and I agree (I met him at the signings), that he is one of the loveliest guys she’s ever met. And you know, he made an effort! He asked people their names and engaged them in conversation it was brilliant how down to earth he is considering he’s possibly the most famous of the guests there at the moment due to the success of Ugly Betty. After that was Kate. I don’t know why I was so shocked but when she said hi I just thought “Oh my God her voice is REAL!” she seemed shy in comparison to the other guests, I always read her saying she’s shy in magazine articles but I don’t think anyone quite believed it. It’s true! She was sweet and we only got to say hi and bye (due to the longest queue of all the guests there) but that was all that was needed! Can I mention her voice again? Yeah!

At the autograph signing we got a chance to have a chat with Erin Daniels about random things from Tegan and Sara to the Land Ahoy commentary. She’s absolutely gorgeous with a smashing personality and a fabulous sense of humour to go with it.
I got a chance to talk to Laurel too she’s grown her hair long and it looks great. She’s lost a bit of weight too. We told her how cool her hair is and she looked pleased! I also must say – YUMMY MUMMY!

**Guest Talks**

Adrienne Wilkinson is INSANE but in the best way possible! Totally funky and crazy! She kept us all entertained brilliantly and even sang for us! And did the Xena war cry! She showed us this weird clip about… God knows what. It was just odd. And boring. But then she showed another clip which was pretty good! Sorry… I don’t really remember much about them.

Highlights of the talks include:

Fan: Do you prefer chocolate or sex?
Erin: Yes!
Which one?
Erin: Yes!
But chocolate or-
Erin: Yes!

Eric: Does the carpet match the drapes?
Laurel: Erm……

Erin’s English accent – including Ab Fab impression

Leisha: Waaah wuuh waaah
Kate: Eeee eeee eeee!

Camilla: *pout*

Adrienne: AAAAIIIIIIIIEEEEEEAAH (Xena war cry)

The Saturday night party ruled! Drunken lesbians! Every Girls Aloud and Rhianna song in existence! COOOOOL!

Gossip/rumours/revelations/news from the weekend:
Kate Moennig hates chocolate
It’s pronounced “Pishetski!” Leisha was in shock!
Laurel has lost weight and has long hair!
Erin has gained weight (good!) and gone blond!
Leisha not only plays bass and keyboard but she stares at Cam and sways too
Erin didn’t want to leave the show and thinks Alice/Dana are perfect together
Laurel wants Bette and Tina forever
Eric says Victoria Beckham’s appearance on the show came about due to a misquote in the press but they went along with the idea anyway
No one likes Jenny but everyone loves Mia

Much love!
~Becky xx

Thanks Becky for that awesome breakdown of events. I felt like I was there:-) And I hope I can be there for recently announced L4, happening in Heathrow, UK from March 14th-16th. Already scheduled to appear, Sarah Shahi (Carmen), Laurel Holloman (Tina) and um...Rachel Shelley. I SO wanna be invited to that. You hear that L4 promoters? Invite me to attend and I'll promote the HELL out of the event. I'll make sure every lesbian that ever thought about going on Myspace knows about it:-)

You can buy your tickets to L4 by clicking here. Remember, tickets do not include accommodations or food. They do however include RACHEL effin' SHELLEY all up in your face and 'er.


laurenamy said...

i'm so going to L4 in my "native" England, we should hook up for a drink or 7.

AndroBard1364 said...

Aw...I'm so jealous right now! I didn't even think Adrienne Wilkinson would be there ( I love Xena) and meeting Leisha and Kate and Erin must have been AWESOME! Wish I could go to L4, but I don't live in UK =/

Anonymous said...

ohmygodohmygod. Rachel Shelley. RACHEL SHELLY. Is. going. to. be. there.

Of course, the L4 starts the day OF my Birthday. Of course I'm underage. Of course i live in the United States. And, of course, I'm not out.

Buuut, Rachel Shelley.......
I muuuust go.

Hayley said...

lol becky, ellie is well annoyed you didn't big her up in this.
and yep, leisha was totally singing to cam. or...looking to her for help. but i prefer the former.
good times xx

Eurfla said...

OMG!!!! Rachel effin Shelley and Sarah Shahi holy shit its like christmas is coming early im soooo goin so so very gna b there OMG!! i cnt control myself seriously woo!!! lol

Georgia said...

I have a problem, that would be lovely if someone coud solve.
i can't go.
im only 15.
my parents don't no i like girls.
i cant afford it.
by the time i can go, the l word may be long gone (although lets hope not.)
my parents wouldnt let me wonder up to london by myself anyway.

and now i want to die.

if someone could solve them problems, i would quite happily steal the cast that are there for them :)