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Friday, January 25, 2008

Attention: L.A. & Surrounding Area Bartenders/Dancers

What are you guys doin' tonight?

This is what I'm doin:

Yeah. pretty much. This and so much more happens every Friday night at Here Lounge in West Hollywood. These ladies bartend all night and then jump up on the bar Coyote Ugly style to rock out a few times. They serve you up and then send you home wet. It's good times. Oh, and did I mention, it's a LESBIAN night?? Yeah.

Charlene and her rowdy dykes who put on this "TRUCKSTOP" night and several others around L.A. (which are so popular, they're being featured on a new LOGO TV show this summer. More details soon!) are holding auditions for a new TRUCKSTOP dancer. If you live in or near L.A. or can be here on Fridays and for rehearsals, and you're a licensed bartender and great dancer, check out the flyer below:

(That email address is ...with an "i" like "eye")

Everyone else, make sure you go to TRUCKSTOP when you're visiting L.A. next time! Also not to be missed by the same promo group, L Word Sunday nights at the Falcon on Sunset Blvd, Tuesday nights at Eleven at Santa Monica Blvd & Larabee and Thursday nights at Here Lounge at Santa Monica blvd & Robertson.


Lesberita said...

I'm glad to see you're finaaaaaaaaally going to try out to be a Truck Stop dancer!!

arlan said...

haha @ lesberita. yeah i was gonna try out, but then i decided i didnt want to show up all the other hopefuls. how could they possibly win over my body, dance skills and bartending finesse??


AKILAH said...

Love truckstop. I wish I could go tonight and meet miss arlan, and see some hot chicks, but it's weedfood night here at UCLA so i'll be staying in!

maybe next week...

Victoria said...

Wow, this is SWEEEEEEET!

Arlan, you're awesome. Seriously.

jetgirl said...

First that Heather vid and now this?

Arlan, are you trying to make my Rachel Shelley lovin (broken)heart feel better? It's working. Only thing better would be Rachel Shelley as a TruckStop Girl... **thud**