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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Cashmere Cat Calls

There's this little show called "The L Word." It's 5th season premiered last Sunday and I think some of you guys might have tuned in to see what all the fuss was about. ;-) Well, while you were over there at Showtime being all gay and shit, an even smaller network called ABC was airing the premiere of its show "Cashmere Mafia." And guess what else. Um, two chicks totally made out on it. "Nuh uh!" you say. Yeah huh!, my friends.

See look:

All kidding aside (yeah right) I have enjoyed the first two episodes of this show. It's a lot better than I thought it would be. Two snaps in a Z-formation for all of the storylines...not just the lightning-fast lesbian discovery of the blonde chick. It's entertaining. It airs Wednesday check your local listings and such.

To read my Ourchart post about the show, click here!

Oh and here's a quick interview with Bonnie Sumerville (by Grace Moon) from back in November. Towards the end she gives the wrong premiere dates for the show, cause it was pushed back due to the writer's strike.

Everything else has been...I think my period has been pushed back due to the writer's strike. Or some chick got me pregnant again. Either way, down with corporations. *Fist pump*


Anonymous said...

My girl and I happened on CM by chance the other night. As soon as I said, "Hey, I think there's a lesbian on this one," the cute little blond confessed to her priest brother! I'm crossing my fingers it continues as a sweet, coming-out as gay or bi story line, rather than "dabbling" until she meets a fella.

BTW, I so enjoy your writing. Even in the silliness, you have a lyrical, evocative way of telling a story. Keep up the great work!

Pärlan said...

Natural Woman starting in the background was way cheesy, but otherwise it didn't seem too bad :P

Natalie said...

I accidentally caught the rerun of the second episode last night...and I loved it! I had to go watch the pilot online. I'm pretty excited about it, too. :) And Bonnie Summerville is HOT! They picked the best one to be gay...

jetgirl said...

They sure did. AND, she fekkin goofy!

AKILAH said...

about to watch the second ep online... worried though: I did NOT like the pilot. That kiss was the hottest thing to happen in the entire hour. I was really bothered by how much they tried to fit in one ep. But maybe it'll get better.

I know I'll keep coming back if those two keep making out.