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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Chicago, February 3rd @ Hydrate

If you live in Chicago or are going to be visiting this Sunday, February 3rd, I'll be hanging out at HYDRATE to watch the L Word. It would be awesome to meet some of you guys outside of L.A.! So if you see me, say 'sup. OR send me a message and let me know if I should look out for you.

Hydrate is located @ 3458 N. Halsted. I've never been, but I believe we can expect some boobs, booze, and some more boobs. And drink specials. And perhaps a song or two.

I'm gonna be going from 60 degree weather in L.A. to below freezing in Chicago. Come keep me warm and sane!!

Oh, and help me find Oprah!!


Kate said...

Oh hey! I live in Chi-town :) I may drop by. Lemme know if you're looking for a great/cool/fun place to eat. Off the top of my head I have to recommend Tweet :P

Anonymous said...

I will be there :). Although I normally go too Ts for the L word I'll make the switch just this once ;)

Elizabeth said...

I shall do my best to be there... :) I've actually never been to Hydrate (but I live near T's and have never been... and I used to live by Big Chicks and never went...) It's pretty sad, actually...

-sandra said...

hey!! im in chicago-i usually stay in and watch the show all by meself. i have such a hectic schedule that i sometimes have to watch the very last viewing of the night at like midnight/1am. anyway...i will however try to be at hydrate to meet ya next week! =)

J Boogie said...

Well Ladies, This is Jessica here, and I actually host these Sunday night parties at Hydrate - so welcome. Let me clue you in to what we have EVERY WEEK:

OPEN BAR from 7-8pm
L Word from 8-9pm
raffles and give-a-ways
and $4 u-call-its

Ths week, in response to your call for Boobs and more boobs - I do belive we're going to try some bikini bingo. keep an eye on my page for details (

Cheers dears. See you there. :)

Minnie-sota said...

Last time I was in Chicago (August) I inadvertently walked into her office building. They had forgotten to close off the security gate to the parking lot. Hah! She wasn't there.