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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Chicago @ Hydrate February 10th

Since I forgot about a little tv program called the Superbowl last Sunday, and since Chicago was hit by a frickin BLIZZARD at the same time, I say we give HYDRATE another go this Sunday, February 10th. It's supposed to be something around 10 degrees that day for some unholy reason, but I'm gonna be there gettin' warm with the ladies of She-Cog-Oh!

I'll be there starting at around 7:30, they play the L Word from 8-9pm and I'll hang out a little while afterwards. Oh and from 7pm til 8pm, they have OPEN BAR. I thought this meant that I was allowed to walk behind it and start serving drinks. Oh contraire my friends, it means something even more awesome: FREE DRINKs from 7pm til 8pm. And then drink specials for the rest of the night. That's sure to warm you up. See you then!

And again, if you're under 21 and you'd like to hang out for a bit, please send me a private message here and we'll arrange to meet at the Caribou Coffee across the street from HYDRATE. Cool? Cool. Like...literally.

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