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Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Recipe For Love?

So I got this message today:

Hey, Arlan. My girlfriend and I are both pretty avid fans of yours.

She is coming down to visit me for the weekend and tomorrow is our anniversary. I want to do something special so I thought I'd cook for her. BUT I have no idea what to make! You got any ideas? Maybe your fans do!

Please help me.

Thanks in advance.

Um...what a great idea for a blog post! When it comes to cooking dinners, I'm a one trick pony and only have one recipe (that I stole from a friend's mom). So I'm throwing it over to you, my lovely readers. What do you have? I have a feeling the comments for this post are going to make my mouth water more than usual;-)

Oh and because I immediately thought I should make a lesbian cookbook after writing this post, I did some research and found a few that were done 10 years ago. Very interesting...but we should make our own:-) Oh and if you steal the idea, at least let me write the forward!


beanz said...

I'm British, so of course my cooking-to-impress-prospective-girlfriends routine has to include a curry. I usually do a prawn one with coconut milk and lots of chillies.

Nina said...

rachel ray's "you won't be single for long vodka cream pasta". fantastic - made it last night for my valentine :)

Mika said...

It really does depend on what kind of food she likes...
Italian is always cute though. An easy (and actually Italian) pasta sauce follows:

Dice two medium-sized onions and three cloves of garlic (you can press the garlic if you want, but it loses some of its flavor if you do). Saute (in olive oil) until well browned. Add about 3/4 a can of tomato paste (so about 4.5 ounces) and a cup of water. Simmer until it's somewhat thick (you might have to add water to take some of the tomato-y taste away).

If you want a bite to your sauce, chop some arbol chiles and saute them with the onions and garlic. Three is good for a mild sauce, I usually put in seven or eight.

(It's called pasta ala raviatta.)

Good luck =).

lucidreamer said...

Do something fun and different. You could do a stir fry and get some fancy chopsticks, chopsticks that she can keep as a reminder of the weekend. Chinese is very diverse and pretty easy to make at home. Anything that is out of the ordinary can be fun for the both of you. Follow it up with some finger foods for dessert...fruits and whipped cream are a good choice *it may SEEM generic, but you can never go wrong* If you really wanted something totally fun, you could make your own fortune cookies before she gets there...each cookie could read a memory of her...or even include little sexual favors that she can redeem.... Here are some sites to help you with either the stir fry or the fortune cookies:

Stir fry:

Fortune Cookies:

Enjoy!! ;)


Robin said...

I couldn't survive without You can input a couple of ingredients into their search field and find all recipes that feature those ingredients. So you could search for something that she likes. You can also search by meal, preparation method and lots of other things.

My favorite italian recipe is Spaghetti ala Chitarra and it's not from Epicurious. Start the water boiling for the pasta and when it's boiling add the spaghetti. While that's going, saute chopped onions & garlic in a large skillet in a few tablespoons of olive oil till the onions are clear. Add diced or chopped pancetta and saute for a few minutes till it starts to brown. You'll probably have to hit an Italian deli if you want the pancetta thick, if you find it in the supermarket it'll be sliced very thinly. It's up to you how you'd like it.

Add chopped, fresh tomatoes to the skillet. Saute till the liquid is reduced. Your pasta will hopefully be ready by now so strain it and add it to the skillet. Add fresh basil and toss to wilt (you may want to chop it a little, but it will shrink once it gets hot). Add shredded parmesan (don't buy the stuff in the green can, get FRESH) and toss to mix. It's ready to serve.

The best part (aside from it being delicious) is that it takes about 15 minutes to make (Not counting prep. Chop the ingredients in advance.) and the kitchen will smell wonderful as each new scent is added to the mix. You can really impress her by waiting till she's there to start (which is best since it's so quick and you want to serve it fresh) and letting her enjoy the aromas. Serve a robust glass of red wine that can stand up to these powerful flavors and let her sip that while you cook. Then pour more with the meal.

I've blown away several people with this recipe and it's super simple. Win, win.

Ali said...

a risotto is always both fairly easy and super tasty. i like making it with chicken and fresh peas. make sure you don't over cook it and that it's not too gummy!

then once dinner's out of the way, dessert has so many more creative possibilities...

in bed.

yeah, i decided to make that a single entendre.