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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day For Hunnies

I'm not usually too big on Valentine's Day because of its commercialism. I could take it or leave it. BUT...since I have a Valentine this year, fuck that:-) YAY for Valentine's Day!! Haha...

Happy Valentine's Day, baby:-) *sigh*

Whether you're in love or in court trying to get your cd collection back, I've got the vid for you. Check it:

Category A:
I've always loved this fanvid. Makes you all warm and fuzzy inside.

("They Say It's Wonderful" by Stacey Kent)

Category B:
Tyler ain't no lesbian, but you might relate to what he's sayin. This was my anthem for 2007. Thank god (and Pepe;-) ) that it all changed this year:-)

("I'd Rather Be Lonely" by Tyler Hilton)

Catch my buddy Tyler as the bully in the new movie Charlie Bartlett coming out next week! He's also been nominated as best video character (eh?) on the Country Music Awards for his stunning portrayal (hee) of heartbreaker "Drew" in Taylor Swift's "Tears on my Guitar." You might also recognize him from One Tree Hill and Walk The Line.

Category C:
Hopefully you're not feeling this way, but for those of you who are, you're not alone:

("Fuck the Bitch" by Tanya Manibusan)


runrik yuequi said...

I'm not gonna even bother with B or C because A has everything I need right there. Thank you and Happy Valentines Day Arlan!

Prince And A Purple Stripper Pole Is All I Need! said...

Happy Valentines Day Arlan! I'm glad ya have a Valentine to share it with. My 2 valentines will be celebrating later!!! Woot Woot! ^_~ Thanks for the vids, awesome as usual girl :)

Amy said...

In love or in court trying to get your cd collection back...hilarious! Happy Valentines Day!

Heather said...

Thanks for that option c video... I'm so putting it on my myspace! Preach it honey, preach it!

Anonymous said...

I love option A!! :) I got a kiss for Valentine's Day and it was the best! Those were the tender - est kisses! :)

Diana said...

have you been watching judge alex...i think we actually had a case like that (getting cd's back) at some point. lol.