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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fo' S-Cho!

I told y'all Ellen was getting gayer with each episode, didn't I?? And today she helped prove it by having Margaret Cho as a guest. She also had Pamela Anderson, who I consider bi-by-association.

What's hotter than an Obama/Clinton ticket? A Degeneres/Cho ticket! I mean how hot would it be if those two lesbotrons went on tour together? Throw Roseanne, Janeane Garafalo, Sarah Silverman, Kathy Griffin, and Tig Nataro on the bill and make it a the Lilith Fair for comedians and I think every gay person ALIVE's head would simultaneously explode upon hearing the news. All I ask is that they take me with them as their traveling life coach or groupie wrangler...or to simply brush Portia's hair each night on the tour bus. I'd walk around all day wearing one of these: and I'd show Portia what she'd look like with corn rows. It'd be 24-hour, 7 day a week hotness...on wheels.

Friday's guest? Marlee Matlin. Yep I'm telling you, if you stopped watching Ellen cause you thought it was getting too predictable, now's the time to start tuning in again. Tivo that biotch. Ya heard.


xxloveeveryonex said...

I know right? I thought Ellen was going all straight on us and keeping her show "family friendly" and ixnaying the Gay. Well guess what, Ellen is GAY. I'm glad she's finally flying her flag on TV. Go Margaret! Go Marlee! WOOO Gay!

Jill said...

Ellen + Margaret Cho = super amazingly hilarious gay

Speaking of Margaret Cho, I was watching a rerun of the Chelsea Handler show from St. Patty's day, and she was on... OMFG... it was hysterical! They were talking about who they would want to do it with when having a 3-way. I almost peed my pants it was so funny.


Anonymous said...

Ellen is pretty much my fav, and the fact that she's bringing back her gay makes it ten times better. Love her! She's 50, I'm 18, and I'd totally do her.

I got sooo excited when I saw that Margaret Cho was on and then when I saw that Marlee was going to be on, which got me even more excited. I texted all my friends to make sure they watch. Lame I know, but whatev.