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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mcphee Appearance Alert!

My wife Katharine Mcphee will be appearing on Wednesday's American Idol results show this week.

I will be watching. You should too.

Oh and we have a special signal to each other whenever one of us is singing on American Idol or Good Morning America. Up until now it's been a secret, but I felt like you guys are close enough that we should feel comfortable revealing it to you. Anytime Mcphee looks hot, she's saying hi to me. Anytime she looks sexy and fine, she's really saying, "Arlan, I love you. Wait up for me."

So keep a look out!


swdcfan said...

Christ - the glasses. You had to post the glasses picture with her cute pink low v-neck shirt that apparently has no buttons. Arlan, your wife owns me.

Anonymous said...

Omg... your wife looked realllly hot tonight.

She sang quite beautifully. I know that the song was dedicated to you.