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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Music is My Girlfriend...

I recently received this message from an awesome reader:
My name is Shae. Ive started a queer culture blog (film, music, sex) this year with a theme of queer travel/location. (I want it to) accompany the queer women's travel video series that I'm developing right now. My passion is travel and digging up underground queer women's scenes around the world. So I'm trying to do something I love and make it accessible.

What I see with the blog is it helping me develop community worldwide around the travel video series because I'll need help in every town to produce the hottest, funnest, local 6-8 min tour of the location. I want locals in it and I want to feature local art stars-queer artists, writers, bands, etc. I've produced some content already. I was in Brazil and now I'm editing a queer women's guide to Sao Paulo.

While in Sao Paulo, my girlfriend and I produced a Rock Star Guide to Sao Paulo with Luiza of the band Cansei de Ser Sexy or CSS for Do you know the music? Its dance music and very popular right now with the youth, including lots of queer kids.
- Alexa Shae

Shae wanted me to share with my readers that ultra entertaining vid with Luiza from CSS--and bi the bi, did you know the band's name translates to "tired of being sexy" and is taken from a Beyonce song? And here I was thinking I was the only one tired of being sexy...

Hot! Visit CSS at Check out Shae's blog and give her feedback on her ideas at


shaevoyuer said...

Thanks Arlan! As of this moment we are coming up to Portland next weekend to produce a guide with Brace of the band The Gossip. Although we are waiting one more line of confirmation from them, I'm already getting together interested folks and an A list of Portland spots for a "Hot Situation travel video guide."(Hot Situation is the name of the queer women and trans culture travel guides). Portland folks holler at me on March 7-9th.

Anonymous said...

CSS = Hot! Hot! Hot!

Daphne said...

CSS is awesome!
I saw the guys live twice and met the basist Ira. (you find a pic of us on my myspace: )
that was an awesome (drunk) day!

peace to y'all


Catticus said...

Thought you would've gone with the "music is my hot, hot sex" line Arlan!!

Gin said...

Haha. Music Is My Hot Hot Sex is my current ring tone on my phone. I heard it because they used it for the iPod Touch commercials (the line "My music is where I'd like you to touch" is the last line of the commercial)

Catticus said...

Random, off topic... Just saw Uh Huh Her playing Dublin. Despite the dodgy acoustics of the venue, they were very entertaining, and I'd recommend everyone who has a chance to go see them, to do so. I hope they come back to Dublin some day soon! A room full of lesbian's is suprisingly shrill!!

Anonymous said...

this is really cool. css is totally foxy.

david said...

yah~~~ i love it!!

Anonymous said...

the first time i heard their song "lets make love and listen to death from above" i was hooked.
all thanks to zune. puttin rad music on it before you buy it!
if you dont have their cd i suggest you buy it and they are even 10x better live.