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Monday, April 28, 2008

I'm Moving to the Phillipines!

Yo kids. I'm running a little low on time at the moment, but I didn't wanna leave you high and dry without le gay for too long. When in doubt, choose Ellen...and uh, this chick. And as an added trick, try not to cry starting at around 4:30mins into it. It also gets a bit gayer right at 6:30mins.

Yeah. Pretty much.

I could do that if I wanted. But I don't wanna show the little girl up. For now, I'll just use my gift for church and any of you ladies who'd like to join me in the shower.

Now while we're on our tour of the Phillipines, meet new Journey lead singer Arnel Pineda...discovered online and now singing for thousands of people a night.

I'm hoping to become the new lead singer for a power band consisting of members of SWV, Total and Xscape. Using parts of each band's name, I'll call it: "Will you have sex with me if I give you a coupon for a free scoop at Pinkberry?" It'll become an instant legendary band and I'll become the world's most famous lead singer who can't sing. Right behind that Nickelback guy. What do you guys think?


Catticus said...

How does that voice come from that little person???

Did Whitney get a body transplant?

Heather said...

Wow....i'd swear they're both lip syncing if I wasn't pretty sure situation dictated they weren't...just wow.

Hannah said...

WOOT!! Filipinos are awesome=D If you move to the Philippines, let me know, I'll definitely give you the grand tour;)

Chrissie said...

There was a 12-year-old girl on one of the "got talent" shows - I think it was America's - who sang that same song, and she was a-maz-ing. Not that this girl wasn't, she was great. I guess it's just a popular song for the little ones to sing. ;D