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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

P!nk Would Be So Proud.

I was raised in Dallas, TX and most of my family lives in Jackson, MS, so as a child and teenager I took more 6-hour road trips between the two cities than I can count. I always loved it though because it gave me the opportunity to listen to wicked good music on what was usually a rental car's cd player and annoy the hell out of my mom. She'd be allowed her 30 minutes of Gladys Knight and Aretha Franklin, in exchange for letting me listen to 5 and a half hours of my Bush/2Pac/Carpenters/Garbage/Mariah Carey/Stevie Wonder/Bone Thugs cocktail.

I distinctly remember being 16 or 17 and hearing "Hit Me Baby One More Time" on the radio on our way back to Dallas and thinking, "Wow, this song is fun, but Robyn obviously has lost something in the translation of these lyrics." Imagine my surprise when I found out that it wasn't *my* Robyn heating up the track, but this random chick named Britney Spears. What kind of name was that anyway? And why did this Spears chick steal what should have been *my* Robyn's song? And did my cousins notice when I totally checked out that chick at the Piggly Wiggly when we went to get more ice for the Bar-B-Q? Hmm...these were serious questions for serious times.

(I don't know how they raise em' in Sweden, but this bitch hasn't aged a DAY since 1997's "Show Me Love")

The point is, I've loved Robyn since the first time I heard her in 96 or 97, and I love her now. I had the opportunity to see her live show in L.A. last Saturday night, and I was so excited about it, that I had to share it with you guys! First of all, any bitch who can wear a cape on stage for an hour and a half and get away with it is aces in my book. Second of all, tell me why I'm ALWAYS the one that random drunk guy (gay or straight) goes up to when my friends are in the bathroom and I'm sitting alone, and says things like "I'm looking for cock. Are you looking for pussy?" This is how it happened VERBATIM, by the way. It was seriously Euro/L.A. PRIDE up that piece...and I loved it:-)

Now once you've seen P!nk do a live show (or 10) in several cities around the world, it's hard for most other performers her age and younger to live up to it. But Robyn is definitely a contender for 1st runner-up. And if the cape and the inappropriate gay banter didn't seal the deal, Robyn's rendition of Prince's song--without changing the lyrics at ALL-- "I'll Jack U Off" solidified her place in my heart's hall of fame. She had me at "hello"...and at "If your man ain't no good / Come on over to my neighborhood / We can jump in the sack and I'll jack u off."


Here are some of her newer original songs...

("Who's That Girl")

("Handle Me")



Akosua said...

I'm so glad to find another Robyn find. Although I'm a newer fan (I found her song Handle Me on youtube, and I was hooked) I think she's great.

whatwhat said...

ahhh i love this girl!! i found 'show me love' on youtube and it brought back soo many memories from way back when. she killed it at the Toronto show!! <3

amanda-faye said...

aha! i was looking around the crowd on the hunt for other lesbians trying to prove to my person that we weren't the only ones there in a sea of gay men when i saw you there and said "that girl looks familiar." now i'm kind of embarrassed. oh well. the show was AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

haha, you're bloody excellent.
I really wanted to go see Robyn this month in Edinburgh, but my girlf friggin hates her... she must be mental. anyway, keep posting man!