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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I Believe the 10 Year Lesbian Relationship Anniversary Receives Rachel Shelley. Or is it Paper?

From an amazing reader and her girlfriend!

My girlfriend and I are avid readers of your Lesbian Blog. We are celebrating our 10 year anniversary today. She means the world to me. We've lived together 9 of the 10 years and the first year was a long distance relationship. We've never had a real fight even once during the 10 years. I truly believe that I found my soulmate. I wish everyone could experince this kind of love and bliss in their lives. I knew she was the one the moment I saw her, and I haven't stopped thinking about her for one day since I did. You're awesome, we love your blog it's always entertaining.

Mindy Halasz and Jennifer Hosler of Lancaster Ohio

How cool is that??


Anonymous said...

while we're on the topic of couples leaving messages. My girlfriend and i have both recently read a book by mike gayle, its from the viewpoint of a guy in a heterosexual relationship where he moves to a new town to be with his missus. Along the way he makes friends with a girl...

The basic outline is that they have a complicated relationship and the feelings are very much a grey area.

raising the question can two heterosexual people of opposing genders be friends...

Now the point i was making was is is possible for two gays/lesbians to be friends with someone of the same gender + sexuality without it getting confused.

Ana (my girl) reckons that she could never have blurry friendships , whereas i have kissed most of my close friends, had minor crushes on a few and am friends with one of my exes.

So is it possible. can two lesbians be FRIENDS without complications?

Sky and Ana, London, United Kingdom

Anonymous said...

not sure. what I AM sure of is that I miss Arlan! why are you on hiatus?