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Friday, July 25, 2008

Jenny's Left Boob Must Have Been Left Out of This Production Meeting. did you guys hear? Elizabeth Berkley is joining the L Word in season 6.

I think "caffeine" pill-addicted Jessie Spano said it (half) best when she was having her meltdown on Saved by the Bell:

And so are we, Jessie Spano. So are we.

Who else thinks this is exactly how Elizabeth's first day on set was like. In today's scene, the role of Ilene Chaiken will be played by the red-headed gay dude from random sitcoms:

Now you know I'll give credit where credit's due, so I do have to say that she's looking really good in her 30s...and I enjoyed her work in "First Wives Club."

But still...why??



missy101688 said...

Woah...I just noticed that she has two different colored eyes. Neat.

Melanie said...

I am actually really happy she will be on The L Word. I think she's fucking hot :)

kandy said...

ya in excited shes really hot lol

Miss Kris said...

Well, idk. Those two clips you posted are the only things I have seen her in, and she ain't that great imo. I hope she doesn't ruin the show lol.

Mallory said...

Well, I actually liked Saved By The Bell and Jesse Spano. I admit it. But ShowGirls... yea... I never watched it because its not my kinda show. I have respect for all actors. What they do isn't easy, and they get a lot of crap they don't deserve from "fans". At any rate orignally I wasn't sure how I'd feel about her being on the L Word until I seen the other video you posted "Do we need juice on our legs or are you not going down that far" Now, I can't wait to see her on the L Word!!!

Anonymous said...

Hot or Not....that would be a not IMO & she is not a very good actress (or at least not in ANY thing that I have seen her in). Why can't they bring on my favorite hottie...JORDANA BREWSTER?!?!?! YUM!

Dani said...

i LOVED saved by the bell. i actually just watched showgirls today before work and... wtf is up with "plumping" her top lip in that movie? It was like twice is the size of her bottom one. whatev.

as for the l word... no thanks.

Krish said...

I don't think it's that big of a deal. Have you seen the crack whore ending of season 5?!?!? She has potential to be really hawt on the show, but I'm resigned that it'll be what it'll be at this point... I mean, the Terminator 2 was on the show.