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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Talk. About. Lesbian. Sex.
-"The first lesbian social network for sharing erotic experiences..."

I'm starting this post by wiping a lone tear from mine right eye. But this is not a tear born out of sadness. Nay, this tear comes from a special place deep in my heart that's reserved for only a few things. Things like:

-bubbles being blown into the wind on a beach in the middle of a work day
-strawberries dipped in chocolate and twirled atop my lover's skin
-the dewy smell of the morning air after rain has made love to the cement the night before
-the site of my wife Katharine Mcphee bent over an office desk while wearing fishnet stockings and holding the riding crop I bought her...


Now you may add one more thing to that list: A hot/intelligent bitch who likes to talk about hot lesbian sex on video and homotextually wanting to create an entire website devoted to it. And then like...doing just that. I'm totally in love.

I just discovered this new site by Jincey...

Find more videos like this on DigiRomp: lesbian social network for sharing erotic experiences

Seriously I think our minds should just fuck and get it over with. Cause damn if we're not on the same wavelength when it comes to just about everything lesbian-related. Hmm, I wonder how she feels about role-playing...

Anyhoo! This is what you all MUST do right this moment. All of you who are 18 and over, and a chick, that is. You must join me on Jincey's brand new website community. Sign up for a free profile. Then to me about SEX on there! Cause we CAN.

My profile is at: so add me as a friend!

And even if you don't want to add me, definitely go to the site and have a look around cause it's hot and can only be made hotter by your presence.

Stay tuned to see if I can convince Jincey to marry me before she becomes UBER famous and wants nothing to do with me and my humble (yet sexy) ways...


Jincey said...

You're hilarious. I wonder how Katherine would feel about your marriage proposal Probably NOT good. Thanks for the plug.

Oh... and... I love role-playing. ;)

arlan said...

Well as long as you're ok not being a top most of the time, we'll do juuust fine.

but...are we too alike? this...this is the question.

Jincey said...

Just making it clear... I'm SO NOT a top. ;)

arlan said...


you better get ready for your move across the country, then.