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Monday, September 15, 2008

A Message From a Reader...

i want to thank you, because of your lesbian dating experiment... in late may this girl from pennsylvania started talking to me. we talked back and forth from then until a few weeks ago when we finally met and we're absolutely perfect for each other. i know that i have found the girl that i wanna be with for a long ass time, if not forever. i'm from kentucky so we're about 13 hours apart, but we're making it work and one of us will eventually move to be with the other. until then we are only gonna get to see each other once a month, but it's all worth it! had you not posted the experiment at all, we would have never found each other. she's awesome.
thank you!!! -April

Congrats April and your girl:-) Everyone, keep those success stories coming! I love hearing them.


Jul said...

Great story...and cool site.

Feel free to check us out if you wish. We wanted to write you an email, but didn't have your contact info.

Miss Kris said...

Awww cute.

Ginna said...

What experiment? I haven't check the blog in a while so I guess I'm out of the loop.