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Monday, November 03, 2008


I hope we have cause to celebrate and not be scared shitless (*coughPalincough*) 48 hours from now...I'll see you then.



Anonymous said...

I think you might be interested in this.


dianne said...

i seriously love this song/ speech. did an amazing thing.

i really hope we don't have to move to canada...

darlingnikki said...

How completely and totaly inspirational! Please Vote! Yes on Obama NO on 8.

kandice said...

thats aamzign . i live in canada but i support this still

Heather said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who is terrified. I feel kind of silly being so scared but i think its the fact that it's a completely ligitimate fear that scares me the most.
This video is beautiful.
Everyone VOTE!
If you are in Cali NO ON PROP 8
vote for equality!
(not like I need to tell this crowd that)

Anonymous said...

Alright people let's Barack the vote! No on 8,only love, no hate! Let's get it!

Vik said...

Arlan that was was the most amazing video ever, thank you for posting it. I'm so glad he's in office. now we all don't have to move to Canada!! btw - i sent the video to my family and friends, bc i was actually about to start crying when i saw it.. that's how amazing it is.