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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Those of you feeling down about Prop 8...

Whether you're religious or not, I hope this helped me.



Sarah said...

Actually, that did help.

Blog-Nerd said...

That does help...except it reminds me how long it took to get our country to make the changes that came with the Civil Rights Movement, and it scares me that now, in 2008, we still have to convince our own neighbors that we are all deserving of the same rights...

but none of this will keep me from hoping. Hope is all we have to count on in this world...and seeing what it did for Obama gives me more hope. :D


SueBeeFury said...

A message to those who voted yes on Prop 8
Hey there, I know you think you won a victory on Nov. 4, but if you consider the facts, you really didn't. Why? Because I'm STILL HERE. And all the rest of my lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender brothers and sisters are STILL HERE. You cannot make us disappear. You can believe the shameless lies. You can convince yourself you are saving "traditional" marriage and protecting children. You can even take away our rights...for a while, anyway...but you cannot take our self-respect or our dignity away, ever. And I guarantee you, it is that same self-respect and dignity that will empower us to keep fighting and regain our rights in this homophobic society. We will never, ever give up. And I know it scares you to death, but even some of those children you're "protecting" will grow up and join us in this fight. Because it has nothing to do with schools or with churches...this is about equal rights, and nothing else. I have faith that those of the next generation, gay or straight, will realize that the intolerant spirit with which some of them were raised is unacceptable in a state as progressive as California and a country as remarkable as the United States of America, and will work to overcome it, as the great citizens of our generation and every generation before us have, step by step. They will acknowledge that love has nothing to do with sexuality, only hate does. And they will break the barriers you have imposed on them with this vote for Proposition 8 by finally rejecting intolerance and embracing equality for all. But ultimately, we're not waiting around for that. This fight is ours, and it is ours right now. This is America, and you may have the right to feel a negative way about me and who I love, but you absolutely do not have a right to impose those feelings as law. We will not let you get away with it, not now, and not ever. This fight is not over. And until we are no longer second-class citizens, it never will be. Fairness and justice will prevail in the end. If you don't like it, move to...well, maybe not Canada...but how about a country like Iran? Seems like your cup of tea.

Anonymous said...

Read Melissa Etheridge's suggestion. If we can ever pull this off collectively to make a point, it would be beyond awesome! :-)

SuperTex said...

i saw a sign expressing that at the mormon temple rally yesterday.

"no gay rights - no gay taxes"

it's a nice dream!

Anonymous said...

Better get a copy of "Fashback Artist" The true story of one remarkable woman's life and spiritual journey (lesbian) who not only claims she has one of the greatest relationships with God but is also called to help Angels with task on earth, and has came face to face with firey eyed demons (others have witnessed) this is a true story. "I don't believe God hates Gays and Lesbians. I believe God loves us and I truly do not believe it is decited because you are straight or Gay, but I believe from my experiance that it depends on the heart and soul and the relationship God has with that individual. Next...This is AMERICA!!! I am an AMERICAN CITIZEN!!!
American Citizen = Equil Rights!!! God gave me my rights to be who I am, God did not give others the right to take those rights away because I do not claim to be a christian, buddist, mormon, catholic or any other freedom of choice belief! But that is my right and my freedom to believe in what I choose, same as the next person or American Citizen, Nor does this give anyone the right to take away the rights of any American Citizen because they are straight or gay. This again is AMERICA and gays or straight should all be seen as first class citizens. Our high paid taxes as singles cover alot of the expences in AMERICA, we don't get all the breaks others get who have children or any of the dependants, etc. I don't have children, yet my money goes to build new schools as well to pay for the cost of their education, roads, welfare and so on. I am not out there having kids by the dozens, I have not been living on welfare all my life nor an I molesting the children! I am willing to adopt those poor kids who has been left behind by the millions of divorce cases, drug cases and abuse cases!
None of the gay men I have ever known to this day has ever molested a child, but some of the gay men as children have been molested by straight married men who hide behind the strings of their wifes apron and claim to be christian. I also know this for a fact!
So... lets get back to the real fact!!! American can not be run on the grounds of beliefs from any church or religion! Religion is not made of GOD but of man. For the soul purpose of degrading some American Citizens as second class citizens who do not share the same belief. This is why the State and Church should be kept seperate. Another reason our government will need to take a closer look at the LGBT community is because of the fact that it has been allowing us (LGBT) to be the targets of hate by those who believe they are a higher class citizen. Remember... the true reason Moses broke the 10 commandments over the rocks in the first place? The new commandment was then given and Moses learned a valuable lesson when GOD then said "now go in peace and love ye one another."
If my being (all my life) a lesbian woman is wrong in the eyes of my GOD, one thing is for won't have to answer for it, I will? Therefor you have no right to judge me for it. Even a marriage between a man and a woman states... if I remember right the words were, "until death due us part?" but who really keeps that oath,these days? I believe it is time to re-evaluate not only the rights of the American people but all the things that are not working in America.
Maybe there are alot of things that need taking a closer look at? I can see why the Prision System has failed, I can see why the Welfare System has failed, I can see why the Health Care System has failed. I have been taking a good look at the "BIG PICTURE" for quite sometime and it's time America makes some changes, not for just a few, but for all AMERICAN CITIZENS.
...yes even those of us who do not claim to be anything other than who we are!!! Flashback Artist tells the story of the authors life and spiritual journey. Others are claiming "it is the best book they have read in a very long time."