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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Password: "Lesbian"

Here's the thing: I like words. Heaps. One could even say that I'm a *head tilt & Austin Powers pause* cunning...linguist. But what I like most about words is the fact that they are frequently spoken on TV by hot bitches while I'm in a seedy hotel room at the airport. And so was the case last Thursday night when one of my faaav straight-married-chicks-that-should-totally-go-gay Aisha Tyler was on some newfangled version of the game show "Password."

You've undoubtedly seen Aisha on "Friends," "24," "Nip/Tuck" and some films. She's SOOOO hot (and funny, and smart, and sexy, and...), but when she gets all serious about words and shiz, I get a little warm in my naughty bits. Things really start to heat up in the 2nd round:

Can you imagine if I were on that show and the word "lesbian" came up? And can you also imagine if that happened and I was in a 4-way orgy with a bunch of topless British chicks who all took turns bending over a desk and calling me "master"? too. *sigh*


And for those of you who are like, dude, when did YDLM blog turn into an episode of Sesame Street with all this word and talking business, I have a little something for you from Aisha's past. You have my permission to watch this clip a dozen or so times though to tell me what the hell you think is going on:

Damn. Is Milla Jovovich the new Neve Campbell? She gets around, don't she?


Robin Rigby said...

The clip of Aisha and Milla is from a movie called ".45" in which Milla's character is in a relationship with an abusive man and she's playing everyone, including Aisha's character, to make her escape.

SuperTex said...

wow. ahem. how did i not know about this movie? granted, i'm sure that ".45" ain't on everyone's stocking stuffer...but my damn!