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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Oh, I Bet You "Come" From..."Down Under." Umm hmmm.

Let me just make one thing clear: I dig chicks. Black ones. White twos ones. Puerto Rican ones. Asian ones. Big ones. Small ones. (boobs too) you know, I likes them all. But if you've been paying close attention over the past few years, you know that I have a special affinity to those of the British and Australian persuasion. I ain't sayin' they're somehow better than the rest of us, I'm just saying they're far superior and much, much cooler. They're hotter and sound better when moaning my name...and their nipples taste like caramel. True effin' story!

So I thought I'd introduce you to a couple of lovely ladies from er uh...down..under my belt *nudge nudge wink wink* One I've known about for a year or so and one I've just learned about today. They both are hot, sing, and are hot. Good times, right?

First up, a ridiculously cool reader named Lori recommends Aussie Jess McAvoy. Of Jess, Lori says:
She is an ultra hot Aussie singer/songwriter. I'm not sure if she's a lesbian, but I have a pretty good feeling she is. Her music is kick-ass! Plus, she has a very cool video in which she disguises herself as a sailor and picks up women in foreign ports (it's called "The Sailor").
I'm totally bummed I couldn't find the "Sailor" video Lori mentioned, but I have just one word for this video: "SIDEBOOB!" ...or is that two?

(Visit Jess @

More videos should feature naked women getting dressed slowly by a creek...or clothed women getting naked by a creek. That should be the first thing Obama declares in office.

Next up is a new friend of mine named Lo and her band Porcelain. The band has a very loyal following in pockets around the U.S. like Los Angeles and Austin, and theyre the only band in recent history that I've seen rock a Corrs-type hot violinist like it ain't a thing. You won't see that in this acoustic song, but just imagine this chick is lurking in the background:

...I know I always do that no matter what the video is about:

And here's a really funny vid with Lo and one of her bandmates that I just found from a couple of years ago...

Get all up in Porcelain's area by going to!

Besides the lovely Missy Higgins, I'd love to know about more of your favorite Australian singers/actresses/personalities. Let's make this an Aussie lovefest...leave links and info in the comments. If there are no comments, I'll have to assume I tapped all of what Australia has to offer. Ahem...I mean...some would say I have...*austin powers head tilt and raised brow*..."tapped" all Australia has to....offer. ;-)


Laura said...

i am so ridiculously aussie it's not funny. and a massive MASSIVE music buff. the kind of person you want to punch. yet i've never heard of jess mcavoy! thank you lori!!

as for aussie women being amazing, well, we ARE better in the sack. i think sex is probably the only thing we bother to do well. and also, basically every beach in australia (or at least, where I'M from, east coast around sydney), there's a topless sunbather. plus we've got that whole sexy inbreeding thing going on. cultural inbreeding, of course, not genetic inbreeding. that is gross.

Jem from Oz said...

G'day mate,

Even though she's a straight-y, check out at the lead singer of Rogue Traders, Natalie Bassingthwaite. She performs at some pride events over here and is quite the looker! Wouldn't mind her calling out my name on a cold night...

And since it's the accent you love, look out for the Aussie- lezzie- orgasm soundbite on the show the Lesbian Lounge on because they have one in their promo!


L said...

To get Jess' "Sailor" video, you need to visit her MySpace site and sign up for her mailing list. Then she'll send you a friendly welcome that includes a link to the video, as well as a couple of home-produced demos (her home studio is called 'The Honeypot').


Anonymous said...


RHEA said...

Brooke Fraser

She's actually a Kiwi, but lives in Sydney now.

I'm also slightly embarrassed to admit that I'm quite the Delta Goodrem fan as well...

Oz said...

Laura, I can't believe you've never heard of Jess McAvoy!! I thought all Aussies knew who she was.

I also dig Rogue Traders, Kasey Chambers (tho she's WAY country for some), I LOVE the Waifs, The Veronicas....

I probs have more on my iTunes, and I know there was another girl I was listening to about a year ago on MySpace, but I can't remember her name... I'll be back. :)

Anonymous said...

Jess is a HOT and has a great voice, glad you like her.

I too am an Aussie and we appreciate your comments. We like to have fun. I really like Keith Urban and check out Vanessa Amorosi, she's great as well.

Nomes said...

Hey Arlan,

You should check out Mia Dyson, who is an amazing blues guitarist and singer. And also Jen Cloher and her band The Endless Sea.
Coincidentally both have played a fair few gigs with Missy Higgins :-)
N x

L said...

Good call on Jen Cloher! Also, check out Laura Jean. She's currently touring as part of Jen's Endless Sea but she's a fantastic artist in her own right.

Laura said...

Nice one on Mia Dyson too.

Holly Throsby? She's got that sexy just-fucked kinda voice and is pretty sly with the tunes. Laura Imbruglia (yes, Natalie Imbruglia's sister) is amazing as well. Funny, but amazing.

Australia has an amazing music scene. I can't believe the veronicas are the first people to get in the US top charts or whatever in that long. Since Kylie?! Pscht, america, get some taste :P