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Friday, February 13, 2009

5 Words: "All My Children" Lesbian Wedding!

AMC's historic wedding starts TODAY, Friday the 13th...on ABC...but uh, like all Soaps (and ANYTHING lesbian) expect some drama to ensue!

Haha, gotta love that piano in the background. *DRAMA*

Some of you know that I'm a HUGE "General Hospital" fan. I know Soaps are campy and silly and have a stigma attached to them, but I've been watching the show for 20 years (longer than half of my readers have been ALIVE...yikes!) and there's a lot of comfort in knowing that no matter where I am in my life, I can always be part of theirs. Altogether now: *aaawww* Yeah. And also, the chicks on the show are effin hot:-) I've been waiting for Elizabeth and Emily to get married for years. After Emily died, I thought my chances for that were over. But nooo, of course there's a "new" character more than a year after her death that looks JUST like her (cause uh, she's played by the same actress)...and she wears the hell out of a beret. In my book, that makes her an instant lesbian. *Just add baret* And while I wait for the first lesbian wedding on my beloved GH, I'm so happy and proud to have "All My Children" work out their own history storyline in a BIG way.

Doesn't hurt that one of the actresses (Tamara Braun) used to play Carly on GH. *sigh* Yes, I know too much about General Hospital. No, I'm not ashamed. You haven't lived until you've taken sides in the Corinthos/Morgan fued. I tell you what. And every damn WEEK those mf'ers have an emergency that threatens the entire city of Port Charles, but their make up never misses a beat. I've seen women in hospital beds on that show actually wearing diamond earrings--the kind that dangle--while they're in surgery. Fabulous!

I'd also like to add that if it weren't for GH, we might not have THIS scene: Alicia Willis played "Courtney" on GH for a few years before this. Therefore, GH is essentially responsible for THOSE boobs against OUR screens. THANK YOU!


KayakMango said...

I feel indebted to soaps forever now...
also i was really confused when i saw the actress who plays carly, i was like wow! she left sonny for a chick?! About time!!

Elizabeth said...

I'm a little torn over today's wedding... knowing that it's a soap and knowing they've thrown the whole Zach wrench in there... but I'm still happy a daytime soap finally went there. I just feel that after all this time Bianca deserves a happy ending. Everyone in soaps gets one once in a while and she never has. The poor, lonely lesbian. And when I saw that Reese was played by Tamara Braun I got really excited. I haven't watching GH in more than a few years, but I recognized her immediately. She's beautiful AND an amazing actress (not just a melodramatic 'soap actress'). I thought the same thing when Alicia Leigh Willis appeared. I do have AMC to thank for helping me figure things out... Eden Reigel and Rebecca Budig = I'm a big old queer ;)