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Friday, February 20, 2009

Dyky Morphin' Power Ranger! apparently this chick Sally Martin used to be the blue Power Ranger for a while...then she grew up and went on to star in another Disney-type show in New Zealand and Australia called "Welcome to Paradise." But I guess Disney-type shows do things differently Down Unda:

(Sally's the blonde...)

Damn, can you imagine if they let Kelly Packard, Diana Uribe and Jennie Kwan do that on "California Dreams??" If they had, I would have been 10% gayer, 20% sooner.


MK said...

what a way to begin the weekend.
thank you!

Denise said...

I am glad i am not the only one who remembers "california dreams"!

The L-Turn said...

woooo! that blonde blew my mind...along with some other things

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Elizabeth said...

Ok, so, after you posted this clip I of course had to do a little digging to find more about the show. I was able to download the whole series. It only ran 13 episodes and I've watched the first 6 or 7. It's not a Disney type show... it would not have made it on Saturday mornings with California Dreams or Saved By the Bell. There have been shows where all they talk about is sex, masturbation and Brazilian waxing...

The show is about 6 people in their mid-late 20's working at a backpacking hostel in New Zealand. It's the manager, 3 receptionists and 2 bartenders. The whole premise of the show, basically, is that one of the male receptionists uses his job to sleep with women from all over the world, after he varifies their passport of course, and he tracks his conquests by sticking little flags on a map he has hanging up behind the reception desk. The whole staff is a cast of characters and something is always going wrong in the hostel. Sort of Mr. Bean style. There are a lot of jokes about sexuality, race, etc. that are sometimes in poor taste, but they kind of make fun of *everything* so it's not really that offensive.

Sally plays Sasha, one of the other receptionists who is also the recreation specialist. She does pole-ga (yoga and pole dancing), rides bike, etc. She is also a really sort of uptight, type-A personality. The episode that clip is from is when a lesbian bicyclist and the female bartended sort of get her to loosen up. It's the episode where Sasha gets the girl instead of the jerk who is usually trying to bed all the female guests.

It's not a bad show, but it's not that great either. I have found it to be entertaining late at night and it's made me laugh quite a bit.