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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Hilary Duff is a n00b + UPDATE!!

ROUND 2 (updated a few hours after ROUND 1) goes to reader Mar. She showed me this video:

And you are right, Mar. It does give her points. She's still a n00b for NOT thinking before she spoke in the case of Dunaway. But I'm sure she really regrets it now...since it happened so quickly and then was replayed over and over again 'round the world. And yes, I will keep it on my site to add to her feeling regret:-)

ROUND 1 goes to YDLM:

This usually isn't my deal, talkin' random crap about random covers of BOP magazine. And although I know there are some true Hilary Duff fans that read my site (in fact, I've already MET 2 of them!), I really couldn't care less about the chick. Ya know? But I just saw this and had to comment on it.

Bratty Duff is trying to diss Faye Dunaway?? No, no, no no no.

I guess Duff was cast in a movie about Bonnie & Clyde--Dunaway was Bonnie in the original-- and Dunaway said something recently like, "Couldn't they have cast a real actress??" So in response to that, Duff said this:

"...I might be mad if I looked like that too, so *giggle*"


Allow me to explain what Ms. Dunaway was trying to get across. This is Faye Dunaway *acting*:


(some spoilers if you haven't seen "Gia" yet)

...and this, is Duff "acting":

Yeah. Not so much.

I guess it's just a matter of the maturity level not being there. Maybe one day, she'll realize what she said wasn't cool...or maybe not. I'll forget about it in a couple of days anyway, so who cares:-) But uh, I'd also like to point out that Dunaway will ALWAYS win points for having the balls (aka "desire to buy another Lexus") to be on this show and critique this scene in particular;-)

mmm...lady kisses. yumster!


Mar said...


u totally just broke my heart! you know that right?
lol still love ya though.

give duff a break she was being insulted! i mean common!

okay i admit she could of been a little more mature and professional about it

duff gets points for this

arlan said...

Mar, point taken. See the update to my post;-)

Vik said...

uhhh..idk about you but that clip of duff "acting" idc how bad it was it just made me a little more gayer and i didn't think that was possible.

btw - she was the reason i know i'm gay ;)

Izy said...

omg! that duff scene is terrible!
Otherwise i've never really noticed her bad acting.. she's hot, that's all that matters :D

* Mhh btw i'd love to do some screen tests with that Michelle girl, :P *

Brian said...

Hillary duff is so beautiful, I love her eyes, and she has NICE feet!!!

nerdmafia said...

hillary needs to get a clue...the thing is, faye dunaway can say things like that because she's FAYE MUTHAF*CKIN' DUNAWAY. that little comment just showed us all that hillary lacks to the perspective to see that when she is old enough to "look like that", no one will care because she will no longer be relevant. wait, it just occurred to me that the only reason she even SEEMS relevant right now is because faye dunaway did her a favor and dissed her publicly. if faye hadn't said her name, i'm pretty sure hillary duff's name wouldn't have even crossed my mind this decade...this is faye dunaway, son! this is not her first time at the rodeo!!! well said.