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Thursday, February 19, 2009

I've Decided That I'm Going to Have A Woman Doing This at All Times in My Living Room:

A reader named Lindsey wrote in and said:
I don't know if you prefer lesbians to have your video shared on this channel,I am bisexual and love equally. I think most people just call what I am pansexual. I love blindly and without limit. =)

Anywho... I love your updates =) Keep up the cool myspace. <3>

This is just me, SICK (srsly hehe), playing with my hoop in my room. I'm a NEWB, so expect much more out of me once I get more practice in. :)

I don't have enough room in here to do a lot of the things I like the most, like extending the hoop far away from my body. I actually took the bulb/bulb holder off of my ceiling fan to avoid hitting it just a little more. hahaha

The music is :

Steve Dragon : Nag Champa

So if you wanna get your hula hoop on with Lindsey, holler at her at!


Lorraine said...

My next door lezzie neighbor does this on Chicago street corners in the summer for tips. haha. I'll send her your way.

- leticia said...

That video some how got me watching contortionists on youtube... I have to say I'd go with the hula hoopers. I feel very strange watching these bendy people.

Lindsey said...

Aww Arlan you are the sweetest =)

I'd be your hoop ornament any day ^__^ <33


Chanel said...

I just wanted to comment to say that the whole Netflix for porn thing has got to be the best idea ever. lol. Even better than netflix itself!! Oh and nice blog you've got yourself here.