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Friday, March 06, 2009

Wish My Mom a Happy 60th Bday!

Hey everyone!

Next Thursday, March 12th, my mom turns 60:-) In 2007 and 2008, you guys helped me surprise her with cards and letters from all over the U.S. & the world wishing her a happy birthday.

This is a letter she wrote to you and me after she was surprised the first year:

"March 12, 2007 was my birthday. It was the most significant birthday of my life. The reason was the many cards, postcards, notes, and letters I received from, at last count, 50 strangers. Each and everyone of those once strangers, now friends, told me in some way how my daughter, Arlan, had enriched their lives. And each one in their own way gave me the credit. How much more can one expect to achieve in life. Each piece of mail touched my heart. I am asking Arlan to send out a general thank you to all of OUR friends."

This year, I'd love your help again. In the past you've sent her everything from postcards from all over the U.S. and around the world (she loves those!!), to 10-page heartfelt letters (wow) to drawings your children have made for handmade items that you've made specially for her bday.

If you would like to send something*, please send to:

Mrs. Earline Sims
PO Box 27413
Houston, TX 77227

Start sending today through next week...don't worry about being a couple of days early or a few days late because this is a big year for her, so getting bday wishes throughout the month will be awesome for her!

*My mom has a sense of humor, but please don't send any sexually-themed cards. I know that seems like a no-brainer, but uh *ahem* the past, it hasnt been. Haha...

I posted about my "coming out" story a few months ago...this is just one of the 1000s of reasons I love my mom so much:

"I had quite possibly the easiest/coolest coming out to a mother in recorded history. Ok, maybe that's an exaggeration. I'll let you be the judge...

I was 16 and had recently come to terms with my sexuality. I had a girlfriend who lived in Germany--yes, my fascination with the internationals has been going strong for years ain't a phase. My girlfriend and I were online chatting with each other, when my mom walked into my room. I quickly covered the screen because I didn't want her seeing what we were typing, even though I'm sure it was quite an innocent conversation. This is how the conversation with my mom went:

Mama: You don't have to hide the screen. I know everything about you that there is to know.

Me: Ha...yeah right. You don't know that I'm pregnant! (cause my mom and I have always had a very friendly relationship where we were comfortable joking like that.)

Mama: What I know about you, you won't be getting pregnant any time soon.

Me: *silent and stunned*

Mama: *looking at my walls like she's searching for something*

Me: What are you looking for?

Mama: An Ellen Degeneres poster.

Me: *silent and stunned*

Mama: *exeunt stage right*

My mom has since watched me go through 3 major relationships with women, and she adores each of these chicks almost as much as I did/do, as if they're her own daughters. She frequently calls me to tell me about something *gay* that she thinks you guys would like to know about. When she went to Chicago for the first time in May and saw the play "The Color Purple," she called me immediately after it was over to tell me about all of the lesbian under (and over) tones. She was saying all of this in front of a woman who has been her best friend for the past 40 years, and I could just hear her pride coming through the phone.

She's also said on more than one occasion that she'd go gay for Oprah and Martha Stewart. Can't beat that with a stick. My mama's just cool, y'all."



Sarah said...

i love this whole thing so much. and the pictures are perfect. i'm gonna think of something really cool to do for your mom, to give her i mean. just gotta brainstorm.

Anonymous said...

Your mom sounds awesome.

Sarah said...

louise: she's SO awesome.

Isabel said...

Waow! you'r very lucky, your mom is awesome! She's doing what every parent should be doing, loving and supporting their child, no matter what..

I still havnt come out to my dad, but he knows.. with girl posters everywhere? he's pro-gay adoption and everything, still hasnt stopped him to talk to me about pills till last year :D

Izy said...

waow, Arlan, on a boring Saturday night i just came across this stupid show on mtv: Engaged and underaged..

BUT there's one episode of 2 girls getting married (at 19)..
the homosexuality question is not even a question.. i'm like waow..
The show is crap, but hey..

sandra said...

awwwh that's super sweet.
and she totally sounds great!
im totally gonna send something =D

Jincey said...

Happy birthday, mother of Arlan!

Anonymous said...

Wow. How awesome is your mom! I love the part about looking around for an Ellen poster! Thanks for allowing me to forget about midterms for a minute!

-London bound

LisSuzNCats said...

Happy BiRtHdAy, MoM! Now I see why your daughter is so cool! Nothing but soft breezes to you!

Jen said...

That is a wonderful story. I hope your mom had a wonderful birthday. I never got the chance to come out to my mom. She asked me if was gay a few years ago, but I was still "in denial", so I said no. She passed away almost two years ago. I started coming out to my friends a year ago, but have yet to do so with my family (even though they were probably looking for the Ellen poster, too!). My mom is probably the only family member I'd tell at this point, and I wish she were around to tell. I'm glad that your mom is proud of who you are, 'cause I know my mom would be proud of who I am.