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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Giving Good Face

I was talking to someone about this recently (I think we ALL probably talk about it at least once a day now). How we were sort of just trucking along in our lives as gay, bi, straight, unlabeled people and dealing with our personal drama...the highs and lows of being exactly who you are, with no apologies. There were gay pillow fights in the streets, femme lesbians handed out cotton candy while wearing next to nothing, and a lone tear trickled down my face at the thought of it all at least once per hour. It was like candy land.

And then BAM, all of a sudden, our generation is smack dab in the middle of (one of the) fight(s) of our lives, and we're overnight activists.

I can't count the number of times I marched in the streets of L.A. last year or passed out information about protests and silent protests and naked protests (my personal happened at my house and it was just me and a "Wild Things" DVD)...people are being SO creative with this fight. It's pretty awesome to see us rise to a different level of potential. Anyhoo, this is all to say that one of my favorite creative and touching quiet acts of activism (is that redudant??) is from my new friend Katie.

This is what Katie says about her project's mission:
The mission of “The New Face of Family” project is to promote marriage equality and awareness by presenting LGBT families in traditional family portraits. The portraits will illustrate that families are not defined by law, but by love.

Go to this page to find out how YOU and your family can be part of this photographic project!

And see many more pictures and get more info on how you can be a part of this, whether in front of behind the lens, by visiting Katie's site at

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robin said...

oh my goodness! that's totally Tori from Saved By The Bell!