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Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm Rusty So I'll Just Call This One: Pink.

Yep, I figured that would be enough to get your attention. Pink can really do no wrong when it comes to pleasin' the ladies. She doesn't have to pretend to kiss girls at clubs like some artists (even though she HAS kissed a few...but not for publicity), or keep her love for her man on the D-L. We just love her. All the time. For everything she does. Or is that just me?

Hmmm...let's test it out, shall we? First, you might have seen a video circulating a few weeks ago that was filmed in London at Trafalgar Square where thousands of people were singing along to "Hey Jude," and joined by surprise guest Pink.

That clip was made during the filming of what turned out to be this commercial for T-Mobile:

You love her, right? Yes. Yes you do. Raise your hand if you don't.


Now this is her latest video for her song "Funhouse," my 2nd favorite song off of the album. The first is "Sober," for so many reasons. And if you haven't seen the video for "Sober" yet, your life is not complete. Go find it, right now. There's girl on girl action like you've never seen. Cliterally.

She looks ridiculously hot in this. Where did she come from? Who made her? Did I dream her to be? Cause her voice and her looks and her attitude about life and her swagger; it's all heaven sent. Maybe I dreamed her up the same time I was coming up with that Alicia Keys/Carrie Underwood secret dating thing I thought up on Twitter this morning.

Oh and by the by, you simply MUST follow Pink on Twitter. It's everything you'd imagine it would be, and more.


jenna myers said...

I was going to follow Pink on twitter, but then she tweeted that she wasn't bi, crushing my last bit of hope, so I had to discontinue our twitter relationship.

The second video isn't working. It says "invalid parameters" or something like that. Fix fix?

arlan said...

hmmm the video's working for me. Not sure how to fix it. Anyone else having trouble seeing it?

And yes, she's not bi...but maybe she just doesn't have a label for what she is. I like to believe with Pink, there's still hope for us all...haha;-)

Cori said...

I loooveee Pink

If you want to see a Ridiculously hott video of Pink check out this link!

arlan said...

Yes the live "Fingers" video is amazing. I can't believe it's been 2 years since I first posted it on AOL's gay and lesbian blog:

Thank goodness soon after that I came to my senses and started capitalizing my blogs correctly like a sane person.

CrabbyBitchy said...

how'd you get so cute ARlan?

Anonymous said...

She confuses the hell outta me. I think I have a pretty good Gaydar and there was no doubt in my mind that she's at least bi. :/

She looks yummy in that video. Her hair is awesum.

Lindi said...

I love Gorgeous women on Motorcycles :)