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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mia Kirshner's "I Live Here" Event Aug. 22nd

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Thank you to Lori for letting me know about Mia Kirshner's August 22nd fundraiser in Santa Monica, CA.

If you're in the L.A. area, you should definitely head over to this event. I would suggest getting advance tickets because it's gonna be Mia all up in this piece. Tickets are bound to go fast:-)

Here's the info that came with the vid:

Hosted by actress and I Live Here Founder: Mia Kirshner, Operation USA, Causecast and CODEPINK benefits the launch of our literacy program in Malawi, Africa. We will have a silent auction, music, KCRW DJing the event, food and drinks! Come out and support a great cause.

$25 minimum cover.
Tickets on sale at:

Please purchase Advance Tickets, as we anticipate to sell out rather fast.

If you cannot attend our LA Fundraiser, but would like to donate and support this important cause please visit: Every dollar counts.


Lori B said...

Thanks so much Arlan..Totally appreciate the I live here event plug as I am sure Mia does!


Meg said...

This really doesn't pertain to me, as I'm not in LA, but I do have something to day about it. I think this event will be phenomenal and the turn out will be stellar. My problem with it is CodePink. I stand for a lot of the same things for which they stand. However, protesting troops' funerals is a low to which I will not stoop, nor can I respect. That makes them no better than Fred Phelps and the Crazy Train. I realize that this is an unjust war, I realize that DADT is in bad need of being repealed, but regardless of how you shake the bad about our military and government, our military needs our support. Don't even get me started on the the healthcare "debate" that my wife, Ms. Maddow, has been exposing!

*steps off of soapbox*

Jincey said...

Mia is so ridiculously hot. mmmmmmmmm.