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Monday, August 31, 2009

Something Tells Me They're Not Doing This For the Camera or the Boys.

Ok, hear me out before you judge me. So yeah, there's totally a guy filming this and there are totally guys using flash photography in the background and making comments. And yes the girl on the right sometimes appears to be falling asleep, they're both wasted, and around the 3rd minute of the vid, there's an intoxicated/surprised girl off camera that sounds like a chicken or some sort of pigeon being strangled.

And I hear your sighs and see your eyes rolling...but I stand here today and ask you this: Is it wrong for a couple of cute (and of age! I checked!) Polish ladies to decide to devour each other's tongues for 3 whole minutes and let us witness it? NAY, I say. Or whatever the word for "noooo!" is in Polish. I say that too.

Here's the thing: watching two girls make out is probably one of the best things God and Oprah ever invented. And I am not only grateful to them for inventing it, I'm proud of them. Cause I know sometimes God and Oprah disagree (but you know who gets their way when they do)..this time though, they thought of the bigger picture. They thought of Little Arlan Hamilton in RollingStone, America who has dreams. Dreams of cute Polish ladies touchin' each other's boobs in a poorly lit bedroom at some dude name Jaco's "house party" one night.

I think we should start thanking Oprah's left boob for some of the pretty things in life. What do you think? I bet Oprah's left boob could fire you at your job right now if it wanted. Like if I effed up Oprah's order at KFC or something one day (I dont work there, but if I did, you see)...I think Oprah's so powerful, she wouldn't even have to say anything or lift a finger to make a complaint. She'd just delegate one of her boobs--in this case the left one cause the right one would be transcribing an interview or somethin--and ol' Lefty would just get to firin'.

Ya fired.


Anonymous said...

Noooo! in Polish : Nieeee! :)
I've enjoyed that lol

Anonymous said...

Noooo! in polish: Nieeee! lol

Snooker said...

I kissed a girl, and I liked it!

Anonymous said...

Very enjoyable.
Plus I liked the System of a Down playing in the background. It made it even better.

Kae Tibando said...

Happiness is no longer "playing bingo"... this totally takes its place!

[ps: my word verification to enter this comment it "treelush" ... I don't know why that's funny, but it totally is.]

Anonymous said...

Just had a debate about this with a fellow Arlan fan: Obviously, a straight couple (who aren't celebrities) would never get this many hits for the same video. It seems then that lesbianism is still interesting as a taboo and hasn't really progressed into a mainstream normality. Is this a bad thing (for obvious reasons), or a good thing because it means lesbian encounters are still sort of hot and novel for all who get to witness/experience them? What does this kind of video's popularity mean for all the women who live this on a daily basis?

Brummie said...

These too were totally not doing it for the guys...look at their hands as they caress eachothers face..its passionate..Straight drunk girls dont kiss like this!!

Anonymous said...

not against it... but thought it was a quite boring video..