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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

To Quote One Mr. Uncle Jesse: HAVE MERCY!

(Kate Beckinsale. This picture is brought to you by the words "got" and "damn!")

Our trusty guest blogger and all-around sex kitten Jescas never seems to fail us. Today is no exception, my friends. When she found this little gem this morning with her keen lesbi-sense, she sent it right over; smoke still wafting from the *play* button.

The only thing wrong with this video is that Kate didn't talk in it. But its probably better that she didn't, because if she had, I wouldn't be conscious right now, and the cute little puppy I'm dog sitting doesn't know my blogger password, so this would have NEVER been posted here. Never thought I'd be saying this, but: Thanks Kate Beckinsale for NOT speaking your voodoo British to me (this time) :


Britt said...

ok this has nothin to do with this but just wanted to know your thoughts on this sceen from "Jennifer's Body" if you haven't already seen it or heard?

jescas said...

"smoke still wafting from the *play* button"

are you talking about my vagina? again?


Anonymous said...

hot damn! seriously. Best moments of my life right now.

Lesbian Dating said...

love this lesbian blog - pics are hottttttt