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Monday, January 11, 2010

The Movie Unseen?

I'm sure there are a few of you guys who aren't as behind as I'm discovering I am, and who have actually seen this movie. But for the rest of you who are like me and didn't even know it existed until now, I say we all race to the nearest DVD rental place and rent the hell out of this movie together!

I'm excited by the trailer because it seems like I'm going to have to THINK while I'm perving, and I dig that. It sort of reminds me of the vibe of Aimee & Jaguar. And aw...the last few seconds of the trailer are SO romantic. Now how often do you hear me say that??

(The World Unseen starring Lisa Ray and Sheetal Sheth)

...and then what had happened was, these two HOT ASS bitches play a little game called "The Battle of the Stunning Eyes." It's a simple game really, and everyone--including us--wins!

Ahem...someone teach me how to drive stick, immediately!

I've got more clips of these two women together...check the blog later to see:-)

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katie said...

Arlan, did you post this just for me? South Africa AND Indian women AND gay. ugh, im in love already. Thanks girl.