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Friday, January 15, 2010

Well I'm Sold.

Check out these awesome commercials. If you're wondering why you've never seen them before, it's most likely because they've only played in certain (respectable) countries:-)





MissDewi said...

i truly enjoyed these commercials, is nice to see women who love women on television (even if they are never aired in the united states) what bothers me is how in the beer commercial, they use the kiss as a way to attract the men.. in the other commercials the women were in love, they were not objectified as entertainment for men. but that seems to be the problem most of the time. i don't know if it even matters, i guess we should take what we get right, any exposure is better than being hidden away. Should i add that there would never be a similar commercial where 2 men kiss and suddenly attract all the women (maybe they would be attracted, but would only probably ask styling tips)

The lingerie commercial was totally hot by the way.
i think this is my very first comment, though i been reading your blog for years now. i'm kind of afraid of saying something completely stupid. anyway, thank you for writing it.

Anonymous said...

i agree, thumbs down on the beer commercial. I would even say that one is hetero-sexist, like the women's kissing is real because the men are observing it. I hate that crap. The lingerie one was SO HOT!