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Monday, August 16, 2010

Out: Step It Up 3D / In: Milla Jovovich & Ali Larter All Up In Muh' Face

Here's the thing: They need to quit it with all the 3D movies. Or at least figure out a way not to charge a $bigillion to see one (and that's without popcorn). It's a movie, in a building, with some seats. It's not Shamu or Cirque du Soleil. Simmerdownnah!

BUT...hopefully they'll wait to cut it out until after this movie comes out:

I didn't follow 93.5% of the clip, but what I was able to surmise was that Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter are HOT and it seems that they're going to be pretty much sitting in our laps in the theater this go 'round. Looks like I'll be heating up the olde Netflix queue so I can catch up before the big gay day.

This has me thinking of what other things should have been in 3D...and most of them involve Rachel Shelley's face and body. Just imagine how different all of our lives would have been had they let me direct this random vid like I offered, and it was in 3D:

I for one, would be 2 inches taller, have my PHd in "Ridunkolous" and would be able to speak Cantonese. Just sayin.

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