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Saturday, October 16, 2010

I WON'T Have Sex on National Television. You Are Welcome!

(If you want to photoshop me into this pic, email that glorious work of art to me at ;-) )

So, a few readers have said they'd watch if I were on the newly announced Real L Word's 2nd season.

I'm definitely torn about this. On one hand, I am camera shy (the Cherry Bomb appearance was super comfortable, so it was easy to do even in front of 3 cameras), and I don't want to help perpetuate any sort of lesbian stereotype or set us back years. But on the other hand, instead of complaining about the current state of the show, I could put my face where my mouth is (eh...) and be the change I want to see;-) Ya know? I also think there's a bit of diversity that I'd bring: I'm black (surprise!), I'm a recovering alcoholic, looking to get in better shape, looking for love, turning 30 this month, wanting to help lesbians around the world, I have some lovely (and um...interesting, haha) friends who would offset any boredom I created:-)

Would YOU watch if I were associated w/the show in some way?

If so, here's what you can do:

-Email the producers at w/the subject "Cast Arlan" and let them know why you think I should be on the show:-) (and if its your cup of tea, email them separately and TOTALLY apply to be on the show yourself! I'd love to see YOU on the show.

-Join the "Cast Arlan on the Real L Word Season 2" facebook group. As of now, there are 1158 members. That's pretty awesome. Thanks guys!