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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The UK's L Word?? You Had Me at *Possible Rachel Shelley Lookalikes*

Um, sold!

Star UK readers Lu Hudson and Kim Jackson have hipped me to the new television series airing in their homeland called "Lip Service." It's being described as the UK's L Word.

So what you're telling me is a bunch of Rachel Shelley's will be struttin' around sayin things to each other and having UK sex with each other? I'm sorry, why do I live in the U.S. again? Cause this description feels like the only home I'll ever need.

CLICK HERE to read a great write-up about the new show

And for those of you who'd rather SEE than READ ABOUT, check it:

I'll be discussing the show with my UK peops on my FACEBOOK PAGE. Join us! It'll be interesting to see how the show is received.