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Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Ok this chick makes me wanna slap somebody:

It's 1:30am and I've been riding the wave of another night of insomnia. Listened to a lot of great signed musicians tonight, and then came across Jhoanna in the home stretch. What I've figured out with my spidey sense so far is that she's 21, she's Australian (whoop whoop) and she's some sort of Advertising major at uni.

Only beef I have with this cover is that she messed up the words a couple of few times, but I really only noticed that because I've listened to the original song and the Paramore cover approx 4,000 times.

There's a raw talent (if not technically perfect...something better) and a quality to her voice that is ridiculous to me. It's so FIRE. Goodness. Ok I'm sleepy and loopy so I should stop here.

You can find Jhoanna Marie on her site at Tell her Arlan sent you. And also tell her to marry me. G'night/G'day.