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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Minka Kelly? I Don't Even Know Her! *Get It?*

Reader ReAune sent the video below to me and asked:

is it weird that I find this oddly erotic...

Nope, the only thing that's weird is that Minka Kelly isn't sitting on my face couch right now wearing nothing but a shiny bow tie. Something is definitely off about THAT, for sure!

Minka's been on my radar ever since she first started popping up on episodes of "Parenthood," last Fall. I was all like, "WHA!" and she was all like "I'd like to help your son get better," and I was all like "BUT WHA!!" and she was all like, "look at me, I'm so pretty, and my mouth is so delicate, and I never raise my voice, yet still get my point across firmly," and I was all like, "What kinda name is 'Minka' anyway?" and she was all like, "Craig T. Nelson, I'd like to work for your son and your grandson. Put me in the game COACH." And I was all like, "But Arlan, most of your readers are too young to remember the tv show "Coach," in which Craig T. Nelson played the title character, and his sidekick was played by the same dude who plays Marshall's father on "How I Met Your Mother." And then she was all like, "Arlan, stop analyzing early 90s television and look at me on the screen again. Im mega hot. REMEMBER??"

Yeah. Good times.


Lindi said...

I think we were all drooling when she step into Parenthood but I'm glad I'm only one who constantly imagines Craig T. Nelson as Coach!

Nerd Girl said...

heh. you're funny. i do believe i'm gonna be checkin out the rest of this blog today...

good stuff.

Nerd Girl.