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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Guest Vlogger: Scooter!
Talkin' Lesbians & Musicals

My good friend Scooter is here to recruit hopefully become a fan of musicals. She's in LOVE with them and made a video just for us to try to get some of us to join in on the fun. She has seen more live musicals than any of us can probably imagine. She's also a really cool person and lover of the ladies (especially HER lady), so take a gander, leave a comment, eat your vegetables and don't forget to call your motha:

You can follow Scooter on twitter at and/or leave a comment here for her. Good times!


rosienotrose said...

LOVE musicals too. Would be great to hear more recommendations.

Did you know NPR are streaming The Book of Mormon for free right now? Thought some other reader might like to check it out.

Anonymous said...

I've never commented here before, but I had to 'cause I'm a bi-chick who loves musicals! Iactually didn't know most gay girls didn't like 'em.
You did a great job with your forst video, hope we get to see you again.

Dorien said...

Heeey!! I loved your video! Just wanted to let you know that ^^
And I do love Mama Mia.. Can't help it.. xD Greeetz Dorien. (from Holland)