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Thursday, August 25, 2011

'...And their marriage is thanks to Arlan' - Guest Blog by Bren!

On Saturday I went to a Lesbian wedding. And it was awesome. And they had Ping Pong. And their marriage is thanks to Arlan.

Arlan and I go way back. I've been reading her stuff since almost the beginning, when I found her on Myspace (Anyone else miss Myspace like I do??) sometime during the fall of 2006. I had just come out and Your Daily Lesbian Moment Blog fulfilled my need to know everything I could about my newly discovered self.

(*Side Note* In October 2007 I met Arlan in a bar in WeHo and to this day I'm still disappointed she didn't hit on me. What, I'm not good enough for you, Mrs. McPhee?)

In July 2007 I posted something, somewhere on Myspace that I would be moving from BibleThump, Texas to San Francisco, California. Arlan came across that post and messaged me:

"----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Arlan
Date: Jul 17, 2007 2:24 PM

ok now im curious...why are you coming to california? :-)


(Yes, I really did just log onto Myspace to reference that email)

We got to talking and I stated that the only Lesbian I knew was my ex, and that I didn't know a single soul in California. She suggested I remedy that by posting a blurb on her Myspace so I could meet people in California.

And Girl, did I!

Via that posting I met Jescas, who introduced me to such things as Shiny Toy Guns, South of Nowhere and Cheesecake Factory. You've probably seen Jescas' guestblogs or seen/heard Arlan mention her.

And I met Al, who shares my profound devotion to Dana Fairbanks, is always up for any off the wall adventure I suggest, and is one of my greatest confidants.

And I also met KK, one of the funniest and smartest people I've ever known; who on my 6th day in California took me to San Francisco's iconic Castro Theater to see the one and only, Ms. Margaret Cho.

(I knew then and there that KK and I would be lifelong friends. )

That night I met KK's friends Chief, Govoni, Miz Liquid (our token straight girl) and her man Regis (our token straight guy).

This group soon became known as DTO (Dykes Taking Over) when we hosted a joint birthday party called Dykewood (Deadwood fans, anyone?) complete with a life-sized teepee, hot-tub brothel, and cage-dancing jailhouse.

Through Govoni we met Sus, who invited us to a holiday party where we met Cor, Dean and Shea. A few weeks later a bunch of us went to a party at Cor's, and Dean and Shea brought their friend Mitch.

A few weeks later KK invited me to a Pimps and Hoes party.

(Me and my hoes)

Here I met Betch, whom KK had also met through Arlan's blog.

Fast forward 2 years later: I attended another party at Betch's: 80's Gay Prom

(This is me & my date Shalisha, whom I also met guessed it, Arlan's blog)

I brought along Mitch, where she really hit if off with Betch's roommate Cass.

Fast forward another 2 years (that's now, btw) and Mitch and Cass got married. Thanks Arlan & YDLM!

(Here is myself, KK, KK's wife Chrissy, Chief, Chief's fiance Graz, Miz Liquid, Betch, Mitch, Cass, Sus, Shea, and a few others, at the wedding)

I've also met a few other people you may know through Arlan's blog. Anyone recognize these folks?

Arlan is like a real-life Shane. A Lesbian hub that rivals Kevin Bacon's 6 degrees.


Arlan knows what she's doing, Y'all. Myself and many others owe huge thanks to her for many of the connections we've made. So if you're looking to expand your social circle, find a job, or just ogle cute Lesbians, do yourself a favor and join up with her new matchmaking/networking site Juliet & Juliet.

And don't forget to send Arlan an invitation to your wedding!

You can find me on Juliet & Juliet and Twitter.


Anonymous said...

i love to read story's like this were couple have come together threw this site thanks arlan we owe you a lot keep it up we love you hear in tasmania. :)

Happy Girl said...

Congratulations on the wedding! :D

Happy Girl said...

Congratulations on the wedding! :D