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Friday, May 25, 2012

"But Honey I Swear, I AM Not Skylar from American Idol, Innit"

The accents here are pretty strong, so I will translate. Basically, the blonde is trying to convince the brunette that she's not having an affair with me, and the brunette is trying to convince us all that she's not Skylar from American Idol. They do all of this quite convincingly while kissing each other constantly for 9 minutes.

Oh and don't let the unfortunate screenshot fool you. You'll be crying, but for much different reasons:)

'Sophie & Sian' from the TV show 'Coronation.'

If you loved that like I did, check out this GREAT, great interview with the two actresses:

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Unknown said...

Thank you so much for the clips of Sophie and Sian/ I'm still sad that they've split up and I've never seen that interviw qith the actors. :)
Just for future reference the show's actually called Coronation Street.

The_Spook said...

Coronation Street is wonderful and they talk like me so I have no problem understanding them! I am as incomprehensible as them. It was a really groundbreaking moment for the soup. There is a lesbian couple on "Emmerdale" too, I think they have a child and they also have strong Northern accents.

Jess said...

It is called Coronation Street! Lol, but I guess Coronation is a good name too...

Rencontre Lesbienne said...

Ohh I was looking for that video, I love it so much ! Makes my eyes water each time I see it !!