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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dear Aunt Gay

here's a short clip from the recently cancelled (boo!) ABC show "Sons & Daughters.

the two younger women, Jenna and Liz (sisters-in-law) are playing a drinking game. anytime their Aunt Rae and her "friend" Flo say something "lesbianic", they drink. the coolest part about this to me is that most of the dialogue in this show is improvised, so the reactions from the actors are real and unplanned.

so much talent...and it was cancelled? but at
least we got to see that movie ABC put out with angelina's dad runnin
after a karate dog. good stuff. bleh. soooo...if you like this clip, go
visit the creator/producer/star of the show's myspace page at and
you can search youtube for all of the first 10 or so


kdbear said...

hahahaha, that episode cracked me up! weirdos!

Anonymous said...

holy shit thats funny!!

Anonymous said...

arlan, pls make a livejournal version of this blog. its total entertainment

Anonymous said...

i just stumbled across your site and i decided that since i had some time to kill i'd check it out. i don't watch much TV and i've never even heard of sons and daughters, but that clip was a riot!

Heather said...

I thought you should know that after watching this clip, I was forced to raid youtube for every episode.

Jackie said...

I miss this show!!!!! I'm so pissed they cancelled it. The first time I saw this scene I cried I laughed so hard lol.