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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

a hot Australian named Butterfly

she's australian. (lives in Nashville)

she's talented.

she's hot.

i dont know what Butterfly Boucher's sexual orientation is, but i DO know i want to marry her so i should find out soon!

here are a couple of vids from Butterfly (yep, its her real name). the first is her first music video for a song called "Another White Dash". the second is a really funny clip she put together with a friend of hers.

definitely check out some more of her music on her myspace page linked above if you dig what you see/hear. oh and please tell her i (aka "her wife") sent you! :-)



Anonymous said...

i've been checkign ur blog out since u added me in myspace.
i was wondering if the myspace bug is affecting the videos as well, i couldn't load any video that's hosted by myspace.
can u please help me ?


Goddess of Coffee said...

wow. butterfly is hot and talented.

drkangel said...

I love her i have one of her cds
this is one of my fav songs of hers

em said...

Hey, as far as I know, Butterfly is straight, her little sister Harmony, also a musician is not though, I am a friend of hers here in Australia (she's in the UK at the moment).
Here's Harmony's website if you are interested:

Your Daily Lesbian Moment! said...

hey em, thanks for the info. i'll check out Harmony. and im glad you stumbled across my little site here...

Anonymous said...

~Cay~ DUDE I live in Nashville HOOK ME UP!!! lol

Kae said...

She's fabulous! I've got a bunch of her music on my phone <3