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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

READ THIS about the new daily lesbian moment blog!

Hey there! If you've been to my myspace page , then you know that i was doing a daily lesbian moment for a few weeks and then abruptly stopped. this is because a couple of weeks ago, my computer freaked out. i think it has something to do with a myspace bug. but i havent been able to update the blog since. everytime i try to, my computer freezes and yells at me and throws a tantrum. so today i decided to use this as an alternative.

I'm just posting these to add a tiny bit of entertainment to our day. hope you find some new music, movies, television shows and people that you didnt know about before. please pass this url on to your friends. thanks!

oh and leave me a comment so i know you're there. it helps me do this everyday when i know people are actually out there watching and reading:-)



Jess said...

yay!!! thank you arlan!!
you're the best. i twas missing my daily moment muchos. XD;


Cassandra said...

I love it Arlan. I am so happy to have daily lesbian moments again. Thanks

Karla said...

I just found your blog, and was so excited!! Thank you for doing this! I love Butterfly, and now I'm going to download her music! Thanks so much!~Karla

Adriana said...

thanks. i love it.

Paula said...

this is great! thanks for making this :)

Emeri said...

HO-RAY! The world needs to get off a little everyday. Thank you for doing your part to remove the gigantic stick stuck up everyone's ass. Keep up the good work!

Kayla said...

hell yeah, girl... loved you on myspace... love you on here! rock on, darling!