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Friday, September 15, 2006

boobs pressed against a fence...and other stuff

remember Sisqo? you do?? cool. remember his group Dru Hill? i sure do. i miss good r&b. miss it hard. back in the day, i went to those concerts that used to exist in r&b that had 2 or 3 really good artists on the bill. like the time i saw Tevin Campbell, Boyz II Men AND Babyface each put on 45 minute sets at the same show. that was hot. ooh, and that time i saw Brownstone open for Luther Vandross. mm mmm MMM!

ok, so at the Dru Hill show, i remember during this song, there were two extremely hot dancers on a BED (mm hmm)...on stage...doing the most beautiful choreography. it was gorgeous, sexy, brilliant. they were loosenin each other's buttons and being promiscuous and goin down on each other's london bridges and all'lat! but it was more cirque du soleil than pussycat.

so yes, watch the whole video, but pay close attention to the ending!

"In My Bed" by Dru Hill (aka Sisqo with some dudes dancin behind him)

i think i listened to this next song every day for a good 6 months when it was first released. now its a bit of an anthem of mine. halfway through the vid, you see a small amount of "lesbian" lovin. hey, we'll take all we can get, right ladies?

"Threesome" by Fenix TX

you think i could get Justin to wear my new "Lance is my HOMOboy" shirt? ;-)

here's our girl Ellen on the first episode of the new season of her talkshow. she and Justin talk about Lance starting at around 3:30mins. i was at a taping for Ellen last year and it was so cool:-) i highly recommend it if you visit L.A.

but arlan, where's the sex? where's the intrigue? where are Angelina's BOOBS??

oh alright if you INSIST. you lesbians are so demanding!

little known fact: during the *fence scene* i was the person singing the "ooooh...ooooh-ooh-oooooh"s in the background. then when the sex scene happened shortly after, i was asked to leave because i had not actually been hired to do that. hey i was on set, thought it was the appropriate noise to make and i got a little carried away. you would have done the same thing!

"Gia" (aka Angelina's most brilliant work to date)

buy it...

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LaSunset said...


you soooo took me back with the Dru Hill song. OMG! It just reminds me of being ih school with friends back in Los Angeles. OH, next time you're on set you should try to stick around... mail me a backstage pass homie! lol