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Thursday, September 14, 2006

i got different area CODES!

im not obsessed with foreign women.

im not obsessed with foreign women.

im not obsessed with foreign women.

(if i keep saying it long enough, maybe it'll be true?)

this post is dedicated to international lesbian films. willst du mit mir schlafen? :-)

ive got to start off with one of the most beautifully filmed movies ive ever seen, "Aimee & Jaguar" (germany) i saw this at a gay and lesbian film festival in Dallas a few years ago. it was still when i was very much so in the closet locally and i was quite proud of myself for going to see this. its very moving. a great story. put on yer readin' glasses and check it out!

i was going to give you a normal clip for "My Summer of Love" (UK) but i found this cool clip set to my favorite Garbage song, "#1 Crush". the song rocks my world. and it sort of makes the movie seem cooler/better than it really is. dont get me wrong, the brunette Emily Blunt...well that bitch is just hot. hot accent. hot everything. but the movie did not in fact rock my world as much as it could have. so this clip to me is better than the real thing. and i dont say that often! still, rent it cause its your duty as a lesbian/lesbian-friendly/bicurious person to do so. just have it at number 11 or 12 on your list.

ooh look, this international thing is working out so well! i found this clip from the movie "Fire" (India) that i wanted to share with you, and it just happens to have a song by aussie Missy Higgins. and Garbage is Scottish right? so you see, its almost TOO perfect. i know. im a nerd.

what a brave movie to make:

i have not yet seen "Fucking Amal" (aka "Show Me Love") (Sweden), but i remember my straight + male + married + Norwegian friend telling me about it a couple of years ago. he said it was very touching...very sweet. and im going to take his word on that. i will be renting it this week! wanna come over and watch it with me?

buy them...

now to add to the little music/film/international theme i have going: if you remember in the mid 90s...right before Britney's music emerged, there was a Swedish singer named Robyn. and her hit single in america? "show me love." yep...i used to love that girl. and ooh the internet is so revealing. has just shown me some love. she kept making music after 97? hmmm. who knew?

ok...i cant help it. i HAVE to go off theme here and do this...

i know there are lots more international movies i need to we'll call this long-ass post:

Volume Un : Ein : Uno :

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Anonymous said...
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Heather said...

I didn't really like 'My Summer of Love', either. My brother raved on it, but I think that was just his manhood getting in the way.

I didn't like the redhead. >> Her voice, her wardrobe, any of her. She kind of annoyed me, really.

Anyway. I <3 this blog. I check it every morning.

((PS. You should have Canadians featured sometime. Our northern sisters rock hard, too. <3 Just thought I'd put it out there.))

Miss D said...

You ARE obsessed with foriegn women

You ARE obsessed with foreign women.

LOL :p

Carman said...

omg Fucking Amal is really really awesome :D:D I hope u'll like it

Anonymous said...

"Fire" is an absolutely amazing movie. I love the significance of the fire and how it made the ending all the more powerful.

Aimee unt Jaguar is... breathtaking. I still can't watch the part at the end about Felice (you know what i'm talking about) The whole movie is so powerful. I bought the book as well and the DVD shows so much more behind the scenes and it's just ... i'm sticking with breathtaking and powerful.

Now I have to join Netflix and get "Show Me Love". Fabulous. More money to spend. ;)~`

Also, i <3 you.
<3, A.

Erin said...

I just bought her CD yesturday... I had such a crush on her!!