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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

chicks on film...doin it.


i dont think its giving too much away to tell you that the two chicks in this clip from "High Art" are gonna *do it*. this is just a little teaser. use your imaginations, or go get it...and still use your imaginations;-)


k...if you needed any more reason to rent "Kissing Jessica Stein," im gonna give it to you right now:


im going to reward those of you who are reading this far down with a little sumphin'sumphin'. pay no attention to the early 90s/they had to make this take place in my home-state Texas/is that Delta Burke's sister?-ness of the clip. pay ALL attention to the rockin bodies...the sexiness and you know, the two chicks DOIN IT. yes, today is my day to act, think and talk like a 14-year-old boy.

this scene is really quite sweet and passionate. who knew the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders got down like THIS. seriously dont they look like they have pop-poms in their suitcases? ;-)

oh and in case i havent mentioned it before, you can get this movie and all the ones listed in this post, discreetly, at

"It's in the Water" (and if it was really filmed in texas, theyre right!)


Vik said...

ahhhh!! i LOVE "Kissing Jessica Stein" i thought that was one of the funniest lesbian movies i've seen so far. ...that's not saying much from me though.. ANYWAY! your blogs are pretty sweet <3


Miss D said...

Am I the only person who didn't like "High "Art"? :p

Anyhoo, the blog is feeding to LJ very well and am loving it. So keep up the good work.